Service Internet Plans

Broadband Internet service plans via fixed wireless at breakthrough speed & pricing
• Standard 5 – 100 mbps and beyond
• Fully symmetric (upload & download)
• Licensed microwave and millimeter wave from 100 mbps to 2.5 gbps
Fiber-optic to terabit speeds
Shortest route to our fiber backbone.
33% to 60% savings vs. T-1, T3, OC-1, OC-3
Avg: 10ms.
Within 1-3 business days
Unrivaled Service Level Agreement
99.96 – 99.99% uptime
100% fault tolerant solutions available*
Highly secure encryption
Open Networking Platform supports QoS, IPSec, VPN, VOIP, Multicast,  and AES
* Fault tolerant solutions add to minimum equipment requirements.
Disaster proof network design?

Our network uses no wires to connect to multiple fiber data centers via multiple high-speed (>100 Mbps) paths. This type of service ensures that it continues to operate when land lines and power lines are knocked out due to storm or disaster.

Requirements for service?

Line-of-Sight reception within our coverage area is necessary for Etheric service. To establish this, we conduct a survey (free of charge) of the property that will receive the service.

Equipment options?

Customers purchase their equipment directly from us. We believe ensuring equipment and installation quality results for high-performance and reliable internet connections.

Rural Wireless High-Speed Internet Access

With Etheric Networks, we are bringing the power of High-Speed Internet access directly to rural areas.  We strive to offer innovative network solutions to bring internet where other providers won’t.

Available Service Plans

We offer a wide range of tailored plans based on monthly usage, household demands and designed to grow as you grow.
Provides reliable & affordable high-speed Internet for small businesses, telecommuters, and home offices. 
Business plans focus on support for heavy traffic, static IP addresses and first priority to access the burst capability.