Lance Kelly, VP of Sales and Marketing

Lance Kelly

As VP of Sales and Marketing, Lance Kelly helps to drive strategic sales and help shape expansion initiatives both in developed and emerging markets. His solution-based approach to sales has resulted in consistent growth while providing a rich perspective on what it takes to drive customer and partner success.

Previously, Lance served as VP of Corporate Sales and Marketing at ComputerWare by Elite where he led sales and services across all Computer Ware’s subsidiaries throughout the United States. Some of his clients included Paramount Pictures, the music industry, and technology companies throughout the US.

While at ComputerWare, his many notable accomplishments that include significant improvements in customer satisfaction as well as overseeing a team of sales in 11 locations while refining inventory management. Additionally, he helped maintain a shrinkage rate of less than 0.2% and administered management of the company’s resale center, growing it to 8% of the company’s annual revenue.