Steph Marr, VP of Systems Integration

Steph Marr

Steph Marr serves as Etheric’s VP of Systems Integration, joining Etheric in July 2015. Since joining he has aided the organization in aligning systems, improving efficiencies, and developing needed applications to monitor the network.

Steph has been working for over 25 years to improve communications throughout the world. He has worked as a networking engineer, helping to bring TCP/IP to the PC. And he was on the team that worked to develop the worldwide email system; the first web-enabled operating system and built the first commercial web application.

He has been published in magazines, trade journals and served extensively as an invited speaker at conferences and trade shows around the world. Steph’s talents extend to his extensive technical skills in software development, operating system design, protocol development, network security analysis, design, digital forensics and knowledge management.

Before joining Etheric, his early accomplishments have been in the knowledge management arena, combining the best commercial and open-source software to meet operational needs. These systems facilitate secure information sharing and allow knowledge workers to maximize their performance potential.