Why Choose Etheric?

With Etheric Networks, your Internet is fast, symmetric upload and download speeds with low latency. We are a wholly owned network based in the Bay Area with caring people using technology to bring you reliable internet connectivity, backed by an iron-clad SLA guarantee.

Etheric’s wireless last mile solutions, provide your business with affordable connectivity by avoiding the high cost of cable or fiber optic infrastructure buildouts.

What’s In It For You

We offer point-to-point wireless connections up to 1 Gbps for businesses that have higher bandwidth demands or requirements for dedicated access. We commit to bridging the digital divide between the major cities smaller regions and rural areas by providing the latest technology available.


Variety of services offered include point to point and multipoint configurations.


A network that supports nonstop web based applications and other business critical communications.

Speed & Scalability

Scalable bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with bursting capability for cost effective growth.

24/7/365 Support

Anytime, always on network with US Based Support Agents.

High Performance

Bandwidth intensive applications such as video streaming supported without latency, packet loss, and jitter.

See the options available at your address.