Your business depends on having a fast, reliable and scalable High-Speed Internet connection. Make the switch to Etheric and watch your business grow!



Unlike other providers, Etheric Networks guarantees our clients the absolute MINIMUM SPEED, with Ultra-Fast-Bursting capabilities on top. Take a look at our service plans to learn more.


UNLIMITED monthly transfer, otherwise known as “Data Caps.” As a local Bay Area business, we know that data transfers and bandwidth needs can be unpredictable. That’s why we’ve designed a network that works with your business – not against it.


Are you tired of waiting for your install? With Etheric we can have your business  installed in days – not months! Our professional Field Engineering team is ready to provide you with an Ultra-High-Speed Internet connection. Contact us today!


Small Office/Home Office
As a local business, we know what it’s like to start small. Having a secure and dedicated connection is essential to your small office or home office. Our solutions were  designed with you in mind; whether you have a small office, home office, or telecommute; we have a service plan for you!
Our SOHO plans are given greater priority in bursting towards maximum speed, and are designated to receive priority over residential plans for latency sensitive applications such as voice and video conferencing.


Service Plans
Enterprise Business/Corporation
For a boost in network application performance and increase in network flexibility, choose Etheric Networks Fast Ethernet to Gigabit service and enjoy seamless integration across business applications.

Etheric Networks’ portfolio of services provide reliable, scalable, and cost-effective ways to connect office locations across your Wide Area Network (WAN).

Our business plan focuses on support for heavy traffic, static IP addresses and comes with priority to access the burst capability. The connection your business needs to get off the ground and the support you need to stay afloat.

Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Service Features and Benefits

  • Point-to-point connection
  • ONet Fiber and carrier-grade licensed microwave.
  • Bandwidth options
  • Secure and reliable service, with service level agreement (SLA) goals of 99.97% availability with quality of service feature.
  • Incremental bandwidth options
  • Highest Quality Data Centers
  • Disaster Survivable
Business Continuity and Failover

Network Resiliency Achieved through Diverse Connectivity and Failover

When you add Etheric Networks broadband service for your business, you are safeguarding your business’s broadband connectivity.

A secondary wireless connection provides the continuity and peace of mind of diverse, resilient network architecture for locations that must remain connected to the Internet or corporate infrastructure.

Business Continuity and Failover

Wireless Connectivity: Safeguard your Internet Access

Etheric Networks Wireless Internet Service deploys broadband technology to protect your business with an immediate alternate path for Internet traffic if your primary circuit is temporarily down. The highly resilient failover architecture ensures your organization can reach the Internet, and/or your corporate services and your customers can reach you at all times—even if your business uses static IPs to handle inbound traffic.

As an engineering and knowledge-driven company, we developed a business broadband service that provides you with exceptional performance, dependability, and full redundancy. Consequently, our service performs efficiently as your primary or secondary Internet connection.

Since we bypass all traditional wired companies and have no reliance whatsoever on phone or cable companies, you can be confident that Etheric Networks broadband service will be up.

Whether you’re assuring Internet access or a secure failover for an MPLS connection, Etheric Networks provides resilient network connectivity without the need for extensive on-site construction or equipment costs.

Wireless Connectivity Benefits 

  • Reduces or eliminates downtime when cable related service interruptions occur
  • Increases business continuity
  • Offers true path diversity
  • Maintains business productivity
  • Provides lower monthly recurring costs when compared to landline services

Achieve full business Internet redundancy with a primary or secondary wireless connection with failover.

Internet Solutions for All Businesses


Etheric Networks provides high-speed Business Internet from Fortune 500 companies to Small Office/Home Office businesses

Our network spans the greater Bay Area, consisting of a fiber optic backbone ring connecting multiple data centers and using carrier-class licensed microwave to extend the fiber backbone throughout the Bay Area.

Your business can rest easy when you’re linked to Etheric Networks fixed wireless or fiber Internet.