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SAN MATEO, CA – March 6th, 2017 – Etheric Networks, Inc., a leading provider of symmetrical wireless and fiber Internet services, announced today the expansion of their direct peering relationships.

Etheric Networks, the local Bay Area Internet Service Provider claiming the largest distribution network coverage area, has expanded their direct peering relationships with Google, Apple, Netflix, Alibaba, Microsoft, CenturyLink, NTT, Level 3. Hurricane Electric & others.

Etheric Networks Internet services now peer directly with over fifteen Fortune 500 content companies, tier 1 and tier 2 service providers and are continuing to expand their relationships with more providers.

Direct peering increases the speed and reliability of the exchange of communication. Etheric Networks is taking out the middleman and providing their clients with a direct connection to the top organizations in the marketplace.

Alexander Hagen, founder, and CEO commented, “At Etheric Networks we are focused on having the lowest latency, highest bandwidth network possible. In order to achieve that, we engineer our network to have the shortest distance and fewest devices between the user and their content, whether that be for a VoIP call, online game, stock trade, or connectivity to the user’s cloud server. Unrivaled Internet Exchange Peering is critical to this initiative”

Mr. Hagen added, “We are developing algorithms for selecting the shortest path, and we are willing to pay additional fees to directly connect to as many providers as possible. Our commitment to investing in these peering relationships, allows us to eliminate variability while giving us much more control over the quality of our network path. By connecting directly to as many providers as possible, we are able to provide consistent service delivery far beyond what our competitors offer. “

Etheric Networks is in all major data centers throughout the Bay Area: where the connectivity to their wholly owned fiber optic network allows direct routing to more than 50 content and cloud service providers. Routing to content and service providers allows the company to deliver low latency between clients and other service providers.

The decrease in latency time permits Etheric to deliver a faster Internet experience. Not only is Etheric connecting customers directly to the top content service providers, they also create an alternate path to the Internet that is secured through their licensed microwave tower network that connects to their wholly owned fiber backbone.

“One of our top line goals at Etheric is to deliver the fastest and most reliable Internet experience to all of our clients, ” said David Bigge, VP of Engineering.  “Direct peering with these large organizations translates to our clients receiving the fastest and most reliable connection possible.”

Etheric Networks is in the process of completing direct peering connections with several other top organizations such LinkedIn and more.

About Etheric Networks

Etheric Networks is a leading Internet service provider dedicated to delivering fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity for business, SOHO, and residential clients. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Etheric spans the greater Bay Area, consisting of a wholly owned fiber optic backbone and a network of FCC licensed broadband fixed wireless towers.

Etheric Networks was one of the first ISPs to commercialize broadband fixed wireless Internet access and continue to lead the way in making new access broadband solutions available to the public. For more information about Etheric Networks, please visit www.ethericnetworks.com


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