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Where can I locate my IP Address online?
You can locate your IP address here: http://www.tracemyip.org/ or many other websites similar via Google.com.
Am I getting my full speeds to my router?
Though it is rare, sometimes a router will auto-negotiate to a speed lower than the radio equipment installed at your location is capable of delivering. This situation will need to be resolved in conjunction with a support representative.

You can test the speed of your link using our internal speed test site: http://speedtest,net

What is Low Latency?
Low latency allows human-unnoticeable delays between an input being processed and the corresponding output providing real time characteristics. This can be especially important for internet connections utilizing services such as online gaming and VOIP.

Data is packaged and transported in bit size pieces of data. The flow in which these pieces of data directly affect a user’s high-speed Internet experience. When data packets arrive in a timely manner, the user sees a continuous flow of data, but if packets of data arrive in large and variable delays between packets the user’s experience is degraded.

Latency and throughput are dominated by a few factors, the length of the route between the sender and receiver and the interaction between TCP reliability and congestion control protocols.

VOIP is tolerant to some degree of latency since a minor delay between input from conversation participants is generally attributable to non-technical issues, but substantial delays may impair communication. On the other hand, online games are more sensitive to latency since fast response times to new events occurring during a game session are rewarded while slow response times may carry penalties (for instance in a first person shooter a slow response time may leave a player in the line of fire for longer periods of time).

A player with a high latency internet connection may show slow responses in spite of superior tactics or the appropriate reaction time due to a delay in transmission of game events between said player and other participants in the game session. This gives players with low latency connections a technical advantage and biases game outcomes, so game servers favor players with lower latency connections, sometimes referred to as low “ping” times (typically measured in ms). [source: wikipedia][source: wikipedia]

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