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Open Fiber-to-the-Premises in San Francisco Study

Broadband networks rank among the most important infrastructure assets of our time—for purposes of economic development and competitiveness, innovation, workforce preparedness, healthcare, education, democratic discourse, and environmental sustainability.

The City and County of San Francisco (City) recognizes the need for essential high‐speed, affordable broadband services in the City and are considering how to facilitate the development of such services, including to those with no or limited access or ability to afford high‐quality services.

The City commissioned this report in early 2017 from a Project Team that includes CTC Technology & Energy, a public sector broadband consultancy, 1 and IMG Rebel, a financial advisory and P3 structuring firm.

The City directed the Project Team to develop a delivery strategy for delivery of services over ubiquitous fiber‐to‐the‐premises (FTTP, or fiber connectivity to every home and business in San
Francisco) that would be open, offering equal potential access to the network by multiple entities to enable and stimulate competition.

The City directed the Project Team to consider the potential for (1) fully public, (2) fully private, or (3) public-private partnership (P3) arrangements for financing, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating the network.

In addition to the ubiquity and openness parameters for the fiber, the City articulated the following key principles to guide the effort:

● Equity: Every resident and business in San Francisco should have access to fast and affordable broadband connectivity necessary to participate and thrive in the 21st century.

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