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Here’s how to protect your internet browsing data now that it’s for sale

Not all ISPs want to harvest their users’ data. In fact, … Etheric Networks – wrote a letter opposing the repeal of the FCC’s privacy rules. The problem is, most Americans, particularly those in rural areas, have very little choice of broadband provider. About 80% are stuck with just one or two options, so even if they wanted to change, they couldn’t.

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Discussing Net Neutrality and an “Internet Users’ Bill of Rights”

New Comparative Testing Report From Heavy Reading

Tarana Wireless announced that its AbsoluteAir® 2 broadband wireless access radios outperformed alternative solutions by wide margins, according to a new Heavy Reading report on recent operator testing. Heavy Reading released a report on Etheric Networks’ exhaustive real-world performance assessment of fixed wireless access solutions. Tarana’s AbsoluteAir 2 radios were tested along with the best of the industry’s other commercially-available point-to-multi-point (PtMP) options for sub-6 GHz fixed access — Cambium cnMedusa, Mimosa A5, and Radwin Jet NLoS.

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Etheric Networks Launches its 4th Generation Radio Technology

Mountain View, CA – July 24th, 2010 – Etheric Networks, a leading provider of wireless internet services, today announced, they achieved their first live customer system speeds of 30 megabits per second; in some cases reaching 70 megabits. Their G4 network is...

Etheric Networks Launches New Tower Above Milpitas

Mountain View, CA – May 13th, 2009 – Etheric Networks, a leading provider of wireless internet services, today announced, the launching of a new tower network, which will provide enhanced coverage for residents in Milpitas service area to include the hills around East...

Etheric Networks Introduces Metropolitan Gigabit Access Network

Press Release: Mountain View, CA May 19, 2006. Etheric Delivers 18 Megabit Symmetric Broadband Wireless Internet to Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties.  How Fast Is Fast High-Speed Internet? 72 times faster than DSL or Cable on Upload and 12 times faster...