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Have you ever wondered how Americans fair in the High-Speed Internet game with other countries? With today’s technology and an ever-increasing demand for internet, it is evident that a gigabit is just the beginning.

Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Service

Internet speeds affect nearly every device on our homes, but for most networks, the transfer rate of a Faster Ethernet connection is the most common speed limit. If you’re okay with “OK” speeds that might be okay for transferring single files, but it will be slow if you are trying to backup a PC or streaming a movie in your home.

Moving to a Fast Ethernet to Gigabit service increases your results. With fast gigabit speeds, you minimize transfer times and enhance the ability to stream high-bandwidth files to devices without much interference.

Gigabit to fast-Internet is fast becoming a standard feature on most networking devices at a cost. Increasingly, small business and large enterprise customers are in need of services like this.

Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World

With technology like Netflix and others like it, demand for high-quality streaming at a fast speed will become even greater. We have come a long way since dial-up.

Infographic courtesy of Daily Infographic.

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