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Dear Etheric Clients, Past, Present & Future,

We have officially launched our Next Generation “G6” High-Speed Wireless broadband service. This innovative technology was designed to push the user experience from a typical 5-20 megabits per second (Mbps) received with our “G4” service to service plans more in the 10-50 Mbps range, with plans up to 150 Mbps symmetric!

This conclusively will allow us to have faster speeds than Cable or DSL on upload. As an additional benefit, this new technology provides us with the ability to deliver lower latency and jitter. We also have premium routing to service providers like NTT (for international) Level3, CenturyLink Qwest, Facebook, Apple, Google and many many more to outperform cable and DSL on end to end quality of experience.

You may be asking, “What about “G5”?”  Well, our G5 service is an extremely high-end rugged wireless technology, but the typical equipment cost is over $600, some configurations could be as expensive as $2,500. It is more suitable for high-end business clients, and possibly others with the same service needs. In comparison, our Next Generation G6 service equipment costs are about $350.

We have rolled out the G6 service to approximately 75% of our coverage area and anticipate 100% coverage by the end of Summer 2016. On or before May 1, 2016, we will be sending out a schedule with upgrade dates for your area. Keep an eye out, as we would love to have you join the G6 Evolution!

In other news, our Etheric Networks wholly owned and operated fiber ring is nearing its completion. We recently activated buildings with thousands of gigabits of capacity in Santa Clara and San Mateo. Soon we will also have buildings in San Francisco and Gilroy.

If you are as passionate about new technology as we are, then please contact us: we are preparing for our semi-annual client meeting to seek your feedback. Details will follow in the May 1 announcement.

This is your network! Part of our mission is to select cost-effective technologies, optimize and deploy them while major carriers are not providing these choices to you; your input and thoughts are valuable to us.

Thank you for your patronage and we pledge to continue with the expansion of our coverage area, creative innovation while bringing you the newest and fastest technology.

Best Regards,

Alexander Hagen


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