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Stream multiple videos at once. Get MegaWan™ Broadband Fixed Wireless speeds and download the latest console games in minutes.


Our G6 Fixed Wireless service plans are designed with you in mind whether you telecommute, stream movies, or upload large files; we have a service plan for you! Contact us to see if you qualify for our G6 plans today! If you are an existing client, email us at to see if you can upgrade to our G6 plans. For Home Businesses that need unlimited data limits please check out our SoHo Plans.

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What can faster speeds do for me?

Symmetrical and fast Speeds makes everything better online. Websites load faster, videos stream in higher quality, and music streams flawlessly. Faster speeds also support multiple devices. With a fast connection, you can stream movies on your tablet, download a game on your console and browse the web on your smartphone—all at the same time.  Below click on each vendor photo to find out the bandwidth requirements to stream movies below.


Internet Connection Speed Recommendations for Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

The Instant Video streaming service requires a minimum connection speed of 450 kbps.


In order to watch YouTube videos, make sure you have 500+ Kbps +.


Downstream bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbps for a smooth playback experience.

Why Etheric Networks Home Wifi?

Get reliable access to surf and stream with Etheric Networks Fixed Wireless High Speed Internet. Upload photos while streaming music, and play HD video games on your TV. All Home WiFi and Rural Internet solutions start at $99.00, with symmetrical speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Flexible Plans

Seamlessly integrated with your home; our home wireless services provide options to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Investing in New Technology

Our CEO is an engineer and believes there are no cookie cutter solutions in Fixed Wireless. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our network with the latest technologies and designs.

24HR Tech Support

Dedicated US-Based 24/7/365 Tech Support. Quality reliable suppport staff to help you anytime you need it. 

Stream Movies

Work from home, VPN in, Stream YouTube and Netflix fast! Our fixed wireless home and rural wireless Internet solutions are precision engineered for each client. 

Disaster Recoverable

Each base-station has battery banks and 48 hour back up generators connected to our own private fiber ring. We’re    prepared for grid failures.  

Extended Coverage Area

Delivering reliable Home and rural Internet access where you need it. Point to point fixed wireless can be delivered anywhere. 

Guaranteed Speeds

We offer committed speeds via our Service Level Agreement. No throttling or limiting like Big Box providers.  

Symmetrical Speeds

Get the same speeds up and down. When we say 100Mbps, we mean it. Uploading large files won’t take all night. Your time matters, so we deliver symmetrical bandwidth. 

Fast Installations

Fast installation in days – not months. Simple contract terms and a fast line of site survey help us get you connected ASAP. 

Fast Home Internet

Get reliable access to surf, stream and discover the perfect Internet plan today. You want to be able to upload photos while streaming music and play video games on your TV. All data packages starting at $99.00, with speeds available up to 100 Mbps.

  • Speeds that are 30x faster than DSL.
  • Surf the web with the fastest Internet speeds available.
  • Enough bandwidth for everyone in your home to be connected at the same time.
  • Connect all your devices and access high-speed Internet with ease.
  • Capable of consistently delivering both excellent speed and range.
  • 24 x 7 dedicated Technical Support.
  • Always available to assist with account issues or connection problems.


Current clients and new customers with line-of-sight to towers, not yet upgraded still qualify for fast Internet speeds under our Generation 4 plans. If you’d like to be put on a wait-list for our G6 NG Plans, send an email to Note: Additional hours are billed at $75/hr for all install types (repeater, tree, custom installs).

Great for NETFLIX, YouTube, Hulu AND GAMING

Whether you’re surfing, checking emails or streaming music, Fixed Wireless Internet gives you everything you need to make use of your time online. And no more worrying about data limits after watching one Netflix movie with Satellite service.

You can watch, listen and play your favorite everything instantly. Bye-bye buffering. Hello, binge watching. Even during peak viewing times, experience better picture quality, faster access and more reliable playback with Etheric Networks Internet.

See what our clients say!

“I live outside the traditional service area of all the big dogs- Comcast, Cox, AT&T, etc.  Etheric just installed my microwave “point to point” internet service. Way happy. A big shout out to the team- especially Tomas and Jose. You guys just over delivered on your company’s promises! Thank you.

Chester H.  Livermore, CA

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