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Residential Testimonials

We love customer testimonials. That’s why choosing the right provider matters. Etheric Networks has some awesome clients — quite a few of them. They love us so much; they took the time to review their internet service from Etheric Networks.

See what our clients have to say below!

“Fabulous Internet Service!  Can’t believe the difference.  Excellent service from the initial contact to the installation.  Very impressed. We would definitely recommend Etheric Networks to anyone who needs to have a good reliable internet connection.”

Judy N.  Watsonville, CA

“From the first contact with Sonia, scheduling a site survey; to the site survey by Jose, to the installation by Jose and Bryant, every step has been top-notch. Jose and Bryant worked together as a choreographed team to ensure their safety while installing the dish and radio in the best position to provide the absolute best internet service.

Tested and up and running a few days from the first phone call! Amazing service! (Both internet service and personal service!) Etheric has succeeded in their mission to delight! Thank you.”

Valerie H.  Redwood City, CA

“We live on the rim of Pajaro Valley with a clear shot to the Etheric tower on Mt Madonna about 14 miles away. A line of Sight (LOS) is critical for this provider. Our previous ISP (AT_T/DSL) provided about 5Mbps down and .75 up with frequent disconnects.

Because I work from home the disconnects were extremely frustrating. We opted for the larger dish (3 ft) and chose the 10Mbps plan. My life just became much easier w/Etheric, getting between 10-30Mbps up & down with zero disconnects. If this status persists, I will be more than pleased.”

Peter S.  Aromas, CA

“Etheric deserves a ”whoohooo” for their customer service and follow-up, along with Walter (the technician) who came to my location in June. After having no connection (waking up one morning), I notified Etheric.  Phone calls were exchanged, testing was done and Etheric determined I needed equipment replaced outside my home.

When Walter arrived to replace the equipment, he could tell I had some concerns.  He immediately explained what he would be doing, the process, etc; as well as answered my questions and even made some suggestions where necessary.  Walter was personable, professional, very knowledgeable AND by the end of the day…I was ”connected” again!  Thank you, Walter and Etheric:)”

Michelle S.  Cupertino, CA

“High-speed, high performance, low latency, rock hard reliability, must-haves for us here in the Silicon Valley as we often work from home and live on the internet.  We would give up lights and heat and many other unstated things before our internet service, ha ha, not kidding…so we wanted the best.

Important to note they even provide to all the places where cable internet is unavailable and DSL runs at speeds from 10-20 years ago.  Etheric Networks met all these requirements and have matching customer service and installation as well.

All the positive reviews you read here are the same experience we had with this company from start to finish:  Dustin who spent a long time with us on the survey answering our many questions to the installation by Thomas and Bryant.

Superior customer service and installation and so far a month into it, high speed, high performance, reliable (not one interruption of service)internet, they made this so EASY…like plug and play, these guys know what they are doing.

They are here, then gone and it WORKS, perfect. ”

Sophie S.  Mountain View, CA

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“I live outside the traditional service area of all the big dogs- Comcast, Cox, AT&T, etc. Etheric just installed my microwave “point to point” internet service. Way happy. A big shout out to the team- especially Tomas and Jose. You guys just over delivered on your company’s promises! Thank you.”

Chester H.  Livermore, CA

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“Thumbs up to Tomas, Jose and Bryant for upgrading our crappy AT&T DSL service at work in Fremont today, what a difference in upload and download speed.”

Hai D.  San Ramon, CA

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“These guys should be the gold standard others are modeled after.  All projected downtimes for upgrades are notified in advance, customer service is spot on.  If you live in a bad area, no cable or phone, these guys are the solution.  Other companies were 4 to 6 times more expensive for slipshod service. These folks are radio based and seem to have some serious coverage.”

Scott H.  San Jose, CA

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“We recently moved our business. We weren’t moving far but it was essential that we had a little downtime as possible. Two technicians from Etheric arrived on time which was a great start.

Locating the dish in the new building wasn’t easy but they managed to get it completed within a couple of hours. Super efficient and knowledgeable. Great job all around with onsite support and timely updates from the factory!”

Roger W.  Pleasanton, CA

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“I was recommended to Etheric by my neighbor.  I called and received a quote. While they are more expensive than Verizon I figure by canceling my bundle with Verizon I could justify the extra money The salesperson, Ken was very helpful and so were the install team!

I’ve been up and running for 2 days and cannot believe why I waited so long! It gives us much faster speed than I could have ever ask for!  Today I’m very pleased with the results!   I hope it continues so we can get done what needs to be done. Thank you, Etheric!  I’m one happy customer!”

Jill E.  Gilroy CA

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“Hands down, Etheric Networks is the finest ISP, from any vertical, that it has been my pleasure to work with. Their customer service is second to none. Their uptime is far above industry averages.

On the rare occasion that there has been a problem I have been notified by email that the problem exists, the nature of the problem, the planned resolution and the anticipated repair completion time. Proactive, professional and caring. In other words, I’m treated like a valued customer. Try getting that from Comcast.”

Jay P.  Morgan Hill, CA

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“Etheric provided great service on the installation. After Dustin and Abel left, I had very good latency and bandwidth from my location west of (above) downtown Los Gatos. There have been some bad reviews on Yelp, but when their stuff works, it works great.

The communications with Ken in sales, and Jose, who surveyed my location for a tower did a great job. I am now enjoying speeds that the big evil cable company will never be able to consistently deliver. I’m very satisfied.”

Bill D.  Los Gatos, CA

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“LIFE CHANGING! Speeds have gone from a max of 2mbps to up to 50mpbs (they have told me they will adjust the service based on our plan which is a 15mbps plan with bursts up to 45mbps).  I will update later on any issues, but so far truly amazing.  I can stream, kids can game and do homework and we have been up the entire time with no interruptions in service.

And they seem to CARE.  I can’t believe I didn’t look for them sooner.  If you feel like you don’t have a choice in ISP’s, I would highly recommend them.”

Kirk P.  San Jose, CA

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“Seriously, this is what all ISPs should be like. The support is epic and the product is outstanding. It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. Comcast was totally unreliable and could not provide me with good enough service for VOIP even with their voice product.

AT&T can only get me 1.5×384 which is worse than my cell phone. Etheric’s service never drops, uses my equipment so I don’t provide wifi access to all Comcast customers in range.”

Jason A.  Millbrae, CA

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“So far, it has been fast and efficient. We have tried to max it out with Xbox, youtube, etc but haven’t yet been able to do so! After the rain and wind storms in January, our reception is a bit spotty but I’ve put in a service request.

I’ll let you know how it goes! By the way, I relied on the yelp review by Jeff and even communicated with him through his post. He was very gracious and encouraged me to install the system. I’m very thankful I listened to him.”

Tina R.  Morgan Hill, CA

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“For years we were saddled with slow Santa Cruz Mountains DSL and could find no other options like cable or digital phone. I would be “excited” when our DSL 3.0 service exceeded 2Mbps! Uploads never exceeded 350Kbps. A neighbor discovered the microwave option and Etheric Networks. We worked with EN to identify a good spot at our home to install the microwave dish (about the size of a DirecTV or Dish Network dish).

As I’m typing I’m seeing twice the guaranteed speed (using Google’s fast.com speed test URL) for our service plan and it’s often higher than that. I’m a photographer and do lots of uploads to photo sharing sites. The Internet is fun again! 🙂 I also really like dealing with a local company with local folks.”

Kevin M.  Santa Cruz, CA

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