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REDWOOD CITY, CA – Sept 9th, 2013 – Etheric Networks, a leading provider of wireless internet services, today announced, joining the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

The Oakland Chamber of commerce provides Etheric Networks with an opportunity for business expansion to current and prospective users to access essential information about Etheric products and services.

Being a member strengthens our business relationships among residents and businesses in the east bay; thus contributing our services to Oakland residents.

“Etheric’s approach will help us deliver the most advanced wireless and customer service options to local Oakland businesses and residents in the surrounding cities while making sure we’ll be able to keep up with the exponential growth going forward,” said Alexander Hagen, CEO of Etheric Networks.

“Etheric Networks seeks to implement cutting-edge technologies, acting as a telecom, carrier, and ISP and system integrator. That is how we connect parties to each other (as a telecom-ISP), and enable them to use the potential of these connections in the most productive manner possible (Systems Integration). “

About Etheric Networks

Etheric Networks is an Internet Service Provider dedicated to delivering fast, reliable and affordable connectivity while providing customers access to real bay area network engineers. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Etheric’s network spans the greater Bay Area, consisting of an FCC licensed fiber optic backbone and a network of broadband fixed wireless towers. One of the first ISPs to commercialize broadband fixed wireless Internet access, and continues to lead the way in making new access solutions available to the public. For more information about Etheric Networks, please visit http://www.ethericnetworks.com


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