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 About Etheric Networks

Etheric Networks provides custom precision engineered fixed wireless circuits to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Locally owned and operated for 17 years, we are passionate about what we do. We design custom circuits for every client. There are no cookie cutter solutions with high speed fixed wireless. 

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Etheric has three levels of technology available for its users:

  • 6th Generation fixed wireless broadband delivers up to 100 megabits per customer.
  • Carrier-grade licensed microwave and millimeter wave services can deliver up to 10 Gbps.
  • Fiber services that can provide virtually unlimited capacity.

Our sales engineers can work with you to size your requirements for “value-engineering” to determine which is the right for you! 


Our symmetric service allows you to send videos, large files, photos and whatever else your heart desires. Uploading a large file of several hundred megabytes using Comcast or AT&T can take hours.

With Etheric the same upload will take minutes! For files that may take minutes to Comcast and AT&T; Etheric will take seconds. For latency-sensitive applications like voice, video, trading, and gaming, Etheric can give you a competitive edge.

Alternatively, we have a fiber ring in the Bay Area, we also have a high-speed microwave ring. The physical distance your internet traffic takes to get to where it’s going is often halved! 

Customized Solutions

Our Bay Area network engineers you can talk to and develop customized solutions. Unlike Comcast, AT&T, and most other large commodity Internet access providers, Etheric has real people empowered to make decisions but who can provide guidance, advice, and referrals on virtually any technical subject. We also have a 24×7 technical support operation based in Washington State for after-hours and Level 1 troubleshooting.

  • Routing and switching design.
  • Seamless redundant internet connections (e.g. fiber in conjunction with microwave and/or broadband fixed wireless), providing high availability Internet access.
  • Data center services connected directly to your sites.
  • Voice and video gateways optimized to guarantee your performance.
  • Etheric pays premium prices to access tier 1 carrier networks, giving your traffic the highest possible priority.

Etheric does not experience the type of conflicts which often break out between the big providers. Netflix and Comcast, or Level3 and Cogent have experienced cases of customer’s traffic suffering during commercial disagreements. Because we pay all providers to take our traffic, we almost never experience congestion.

The Tier 1 carriers and content providers want our traffic because it is paid traffic. Often time’s large carriers have disagreements overtaking each other’s traffic for free and not paying each other. 

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 ETHERIC Fixed Wireless Internet


Our Bay Area network of data centers offers connectivity to any point in the world for fiber optic service. Etheric owns and operates its own network infrastructure and has peering agreements with all major data carriers

The Etheric fixed wireless network is built with fault tolerance. The Bay Area Fiber Ring is connected to our Fixed Wireless network for redundacy. If you need a connection that stays up during cable cuts and stays up in disasters that affect large carriers’ networks, Etheric is your answer. Our network is designed to keep you connected, even with a complete and total loss of power throughout our coverage area!


Our Mission Statement

To build a network that guarantees real choices to clients – providing reliable Fixed Wireless Internet solutions by rapidly deploying scalable, standards-based technologies through best-in-class engineering and customer service.

We are problem solvers at heart. We want to give our clients a product they love and the best service possible. We know we can only accomplish that through our culture and how well we work together. As a team, we are better than ourselves as individuals.

Our company continues to grow and develop. We investment in our network, and are committed to making collaboration with clients better all the time so that we can bring robust and reliable Fixed Wireless Internet to everyone in our coverage area.

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