About Etheric

Since 2003, Etheric Networks has provided custom broadband services through a combination of fixed wireless and fiber technologies. Our private Bay Area dark fiber ring is the foundation of the redundant microwave and dark fiber network backbone. Etheric provides a dedicated, local broadband resource for business and residential customers in the Bay Area. We’ve built our reputation on bringing the internet to under-served and difficult-to-reach areas.


To build a broadband network that touches the earth lightly and guarantees real choices to clients. By engineering reliable broadband solutions and deploying them rapidly, using scalable, standards-based technologies, we give our clients a product they love backed by the best service possible. 

We invest in our network, and are committed to collaborating with our clients so that we can bring robust and reliable broadband to everyone in our coverage area. We are problem solvers at heart. 


Our symmetric service, with upload as fast as download, allows you to confidently participate in video calls, even when sending large files or posting photos. For latency-sensitive applications like voice (VoIP), stock trading and gaming, Etheric can give you a competitive edge.


Our Bay Area network engineers work with each client to develop a customized solution, providing guidance, advice, and referrals on virtually any broadband network project. Etheric also provides 24×7 technical support that can resolve many Level 1 troubleshooting and diagnostics issues remotely.


Our Bay Area network of data centers offer connectivity to any point in the world for fiber optic service. Etheric owns and operates its own network infrastructure and maintains peering agreements with all major data carriers, giving your traffic the highest priority traffic routing.


The Etheric network is built with fault tolerance. The Bay Area Fiber Ring is connected to our wireless network for redundancy. If you need internet that stays up during cable cuts and disasters that affect large carriers’ networks, Etheric is your answer. Our network is designed to keep you connected.